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Open Wheeler gaming seat
Supply | 2015-02-23, 7:45 AM

Are you searching for a top-of-the-line racing wheel? Thrustmaster has it - the T500 RS wheel. It is the official GT5 steering wheel. That prestigious accolade is fully deserved, given the T500 RS’s 1080-degree wheel rotation (3 full turns) and the amazing, true-to-life force feedback effects. The T500 RS wheel costs £380.00.


The OpenWheeler gaming seat was specially made by and for racing game enthusiasts. It delivers pure sim racing bliss. The closer a sim racing game gets to reality, the better. And most of today’s sim racing games are nothing but amazing. They approximate reality as closely as possible. The only way to get the maximum out of any driving game at home is to use a proper steering wheel in combination with a gaming seat.


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